The most significant consequences of iodine deficiency

Iodine deficiency can also contribute to menstrual disorders, pregnancy problems, fertility problems (even in men) and mental retardation, or hyperactivity and social problems in children. It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from varying degrees of iodine deficiency.

Historically, the most significant consequence of iodine deficiency is: endemic goiter and endemic cretinism.

Endemic goiter

Edemic goiter occurs unevenly throughout the globe. However, in some areas, the disease does not occur at all. They are mainly sea coasts. The rule that goiter grows from the sea to the interior and the mountains still applies. The issue of iodine deficiency was systematically addressed in our country after the Second World War. Thanks to iodization of edible salt, the incidence of goiter in children and adolescents was significantly reduced (but not completely disappeared).

Endemic cretinism

Endemic cretinism is a developmental disorder caused by congenital hypothyroidism, from fran. the words crétin (weak-minded). One of the causes may be a severe iodine deficiency in the mother's diet, but also insufficient maternal thyroid function for another reason. In addition to the usual manifestations of cretinism - short stature and reduced intelligence - endemic cretinism is characterized by deafness, muscle stiffness and motor problems. The disease affects people all over the world. The most effective measure in preventing endemic cretinism is to eliminate iodine deficiency. The global elimination of iodine deficiency is an exclamation mark and belongs to the programs of the WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF (United Nations Children's Found - United Nations Children's Fund, the world's largest organization dedicated to protecting and improving the living conditions of children and promoting their all-round development). Iodine deficiency is a serious global problem. Endemic cretinism is an irreversible damage to the central nervous system. Unfortunately, its occurrence is still recorded, especially in developing countries. At the same time, easily accessible prevention is an effective and simple measure to prevent disability.

Fortuna Vitae

FORTUNA VITAE original prof. Turianica

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Fortuna Vitae

Mária, 43 r.

máj 2012 - 2017

Hyperthyroidism with complications of goitre

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for recommending the FORTUNA VITAE regarding my diagnosis / increased activity of Graves – Basedow goitre. I was recommended to remove the thyroid gland. After month of using the oil, yet, despite the strict prohibition from the doctor to use the oil, the results significantly improved not only the subjective but also the laboratory results confirmed a rapid turnaround. While I only used the medication the disease persisted. Oil prof. Turianicu, however, worked miraculously! So I rejected the surgery which I consider not to be a cure but to make the illness permanent (since its essence is the removal of the vital organ). I hope that the oil will continue to improve my health.

The only thing that still worries me is a slight growth of thyroid compared to its size at the beginning of the disease. Personally, I think this is an undesirable side effect of Thyrozole, as I have been prescribed relatively high doses- 4 times a day, then 3 times and after using 1 bottle of oil I only take 1 pill a day. I continue using the oil despite the doctor’s worries.


After 5 years…

Hello my Angels! I have just come back from Ľubochne … The doctor had performed thyroid ultrasound … She said that if she did not see it with her own eyes and did not experience it from the very beginning, from the day when I started to see her, she would never believe that… It has been reduced from the volume above 100 ml to 35 ml !!! She said she might start believing in miracles.

I know who I should thank to for that miracle! Yet, I can never thank you enough … If it weren’t not for you my thyroid would never be healthy, and neither would I… THANK YOU FROM THE WHOLE HEART!

Love and respect Maja …

Please say hello to prof. Turianica for me and thank him on my behalf.


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