Organic and inorganic iodine

The best way to help your thyroid gland is to supply it with an organic form of iodine. It is a form of iodine that is highly active, has optimal absorption and cannot be overdosed.

There is a general perception that fish, algae and various specific mineral waters are the largest sources of iodine. Today, however, it is not just about yoga as such, but above all about its basic forms, namely organic and inorganic.

People believe that the inorganic form of iodine comes from inanimate nature and is contained in e.g. in mineral waters, or by adding potassium iodide to table salt. The organic form of iodine, on the other hand, must be found in living organisms such as plants (algae) and animals (fish).

How is it really? Prof. Turianica in the form of a unique product Fortuna Vitae.

More than 40 years of research by the world-renowned biochemist prof. Ing. Ivan Turianica, DrSc., Came to the following conclusions:

  • the organic form of iodine, which comes from the wild, is very rare,
  • every living organism has the ability to convert the inorganic form of iodine to its organic one,
  • the conversion of the inorganic form of iodine to the organic one takes place during very complex, enzymatic processes in living organisms (including humans),
  • the conversion of iodine in a living organism takes place only to the extent necessary for life. This means, that algae or fish has only a minimal amount of iodine in organic form. The other iodine present there is in its inorganic form (ready for conversion if necessary),
  • inorganic form of iodine can be easily overdosed, in nature we find it in various concentrations.

Increased intake of the inorganic form of iodine burdens the thyroid gland, and in the case of thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune disease, etc.) this is doubly true.

Fortuna Vitae

FORTUNA VITAE original prof. Turianica

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Fortuna Vitae

Emma, 59 r.

august 2016

Organic iodine instead of artificial hormones

I am very grateful to have found your website. Every month I order this amazing oil which is my elixir of life. Even a doctor is surprised to have good thyroid gland results. I do not want to reveal the secret that I take oil instead of prescription drugs to my doctor. It helps me so I recommend it to anyone with thyroid gland problems.

I’d rather take organic iodine than artificial hormones.


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