Healthy thyroid gland - a prerequisite for health from baby to senior

The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland, which means that it secretes hormones into the bloodstream directly to target cells, which respond to this process with specially developed receptors. Thyroid hormones are involved in the activities of most cells in the body and also affect the functioning of other systems.

The basic function of the thyroid organ is to return iodine from the bloodstream to peripheral tissues in the form of thyroid hormones, which thus significantly affect the metabolism of most cells in the human body.

The thyroid gland plays a crucial and extraordinary role in the development of each individual. Its hormones are irreplaceable in the development of brain tissue and their deficiency or lack of iodine leads to brain damage, which in this case is irreversible and manifests itself in clinical mental retardation.

The thyroid gland and its proper function are therefore necessary for physical development, growth and also puberty. However, the action of hormones on individual organs is very time-bound, so children who have a congenital thyroid disorder carry an enormous risk of irreversible damage to brain tissues. It is therefore extremely important to detect any disorder as soon as possible so that thyroid treatment can be started in time.

Nevertheless, in children older than three years, where the expected development of most brain tissues is already completed, bone maturation and growth slows down. Mental functions are no longer impaired at this age.

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Erika, 45 r.

júl 2016

Modified thyroid parameters, improved sleep

I want to share my experience with oil from prof. Turianica. A period full of stress and demanding changes has made me feel tired, depressed, and totally discomforted. I made an appointment with endocrinologist who immediately wanted me take some medications. I have a great respect for medicine, yet I do not think it is right to treat every illness with drugs. I wanted to try something more gentle and especially without side effects. I found out about the oil prof. Turianica and I gave it a try.

Well, what is my experience? In addition to having a great flavour, it has excellent effects. I used 3 bottles in a row and all went back to normal. In addition to thyroid values, it significantly improves mental well-being, adjusts appetite, improves sleep (its length and quality). Its effects persuaded me and since then I have been spending at least 1 – 2 months of preventive treatment every year.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks a lot.


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