Your experience and feedback on the unique product Fortuna Vitae - original prof. Turianica - pumpkin oil with active organically bound iodine.
  • No hair loss

    I would like to share my experience with using pumpkin oil with active iodine. At the age of 25 after the birth of my daughter, I started to have thyroid problems - diagnosis - hypothyroidism and 50 mg of Euthyrox, which I took for 10 years to taste. In 2018, I was 36 years old and I was intensively looking for a way out of this carousel of taking drugs out. In addition, I still had a lot of hair loss (not a few hairs, but whole strands) and I used to have hair like a left hand. This happened despite a stabilized thyroid gland and taking medication, for a woman to lose her hair - to cry.

    Not to mention that there were periods of weakness, pounding in the throat, dizziness, etc. Those who have thyroid problems are sure to recognize these symptoms. I tried all possible ways, alternative treatments, threw away a lot of money, until I came across Fortuna Vitae - pumpkin oil with active iodine. I can really say: A MIRACLE HAPPENED without any coloring or advertising !!!! Suddenly I had more energy, a good mood, my hair stopped falling, my problems, which I had stopped and moreover the results at the doctor confirmed that the thyroid gland is completely fine and I do not take 3/4 year medication !!! Of course, I didn't tell my doctor, because you know what doctors think about natural treatment.

    I can only recommend pumpkin oil, I'll be happy to provide you with a phone number if you want to know more about my experience. At the same time, I would like to thank Mr. Nogova for her welcoming approach, valuable advice and about the derivation bath. One will often find that the most valuable advice is free, be sure to contact it, it will help you, this is my experience.

    Daniela, 36r. september 2019
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding

    In this way, I would like to share my life experience with a "miracle" called FORTUNA VITAE by Professor Turianica.

    Exactly a year and a half ago, t. j. in July 2015, I started having problems like "heavy menstrual bleeding". The bleeding was incredibly heavy, I felt like life was leaving me. Therefore, I underwent uterine curettage, but my bleeding did not stop. I visited two gynecologists, where one told me that the uterus needed to be removed and there would be peace of bleeding, but the other suggested that my bleeding may be related to a hormonal disorder. I was 43 years old at the time.

    I believe that this hormonal disorder appears to have been caused by a strong dose of L-Thyroxine 100 prescribed by my endocrinologist in the good opinion that a dose of 100 will help me manage my heavy workload, but this strong dose of 'synthetic medicine' for reduced thyroid activity the glands I suffered from turned against me in the form of heavy menstrual bleeding. I used to take L-Thyroxine 50 before, then 75 and then 100.

    The human body is unpredictable and therefore it is not always possible to estimate everything at 100%. I was helpless and also thought about the operation, the so-called uterine hysterectomy. One day I clicked on the internet and entered the words "heavy menstrual bleeding". I think it was God's guidance for me to do so, even though, to be honest, I'm not a supporter of Facebook and various internet searches, but it paid off. I was offered an offer of pumpkin oil FORTUNA VITAE (FV) from the great professor Turianica. First, I read the effects of this miraculous elixir carefully and in detail, and then I contacted Mrs. Maria N. from Professor Turianica's work team and described her health problems by phone.

    Mrs. Mária N. was incredibly nice. I asked her if she would look at my medical records and my thyroid function values. She agreed. Later, in agreement with prof. Turianica recommended the dosage of PV pumpkin oil.

    Of course, I also informed my endocrinologist about the mentioned dosage of PV, to whom I also thank very much that he agreed with this experiment and gradually reduced the dose of "synthetic drug L-Thyroxine" under his supervision and replaced it with organic iodine contained in pumpkin oil PV from prof. Turianica until I completely missed the synthetic drug and only used Fortuna Vitae.

    My menstrual bleeding has calmed down and I feel much better, just because I have disturbed the blood count that fluctuates with these bleeding conditions and therefore I am being monitored at a hematology clinic, which I did not know before.

    On December 22, 2016, I was checked by my endocrinologist, who pleasantly surprised me by stating that my thyroid results are perfect! He said my thyroid gland had started!

    It was an extremely rare Christmas present for me. My doctor didn't hide his joy either, and he told me again. Here I must point out that the last 3 months, t. j. October - December 2016 I did not use PV pumpkin oil at all, because I wanted to know if I would still need PV or if my thyroid gland would mobilize even without PV, as I knew that in 12/2016 I was going to blood tests in connection with thyroid activity. Glands.

    It is a very pleasant feeling to know that such an important organ as the "thyroid gland" in the human body works as it should. Without the internet and this unique, I note natural, product from Professor Turianica, which was awarded and recognized by top experts from Cambridge International School (UK) and which is protected by a patent of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, my health problem would persist, or. I might have undergone a severe hysterectomy, i.e. j. removal of the uterus.

    In this way, I express my sincere and cordial thanks to prof. Ing. Ivan Turianica, DrSc. and his great team. Special thanks also to Mrs. Maria N., whose willingness to help me was incredibly great, and without this nice lady from Professor Turianica's team, I do not know which direction I would have taken.

    Since I know that Fortuna Vitae pumpkin oil helped my thyroid gland, I couldn't help but share this life experience with others who have a thyroid disorder. I can only warmly recommend this unique natural product to support the endocrine system. I will certainly indulge in this uniqueness, but only preventively, not only myself, but also my family, because I know that it will not damage or even improve several vital functions of the human body.

    I wish Professor Turianica's entire team, as well as those who read this reference to me, good luck, health and good life choices.


    Marcela, 44 rokov január 2019
  • Hyperthyroidism with complications of goitre

    First of all, I would like to thank you very much for recommending the FORTUNA VITAE regarding my diagnosis / increased activity of Graves – Basedow goitre. I was recommended to remove the thyroid gland. After month of using the oil, yet, despite the strict prohibition from the doctor to use the oil, the results significantly improved not only the subjective but also the laboratory results confirmed a rapid turnaround. While I only used the medication the disease persisted. Oil prof. Turianicu, however, worked miraculously! So I rejected the surgery which I consider not to be a cure but to make the illness permanent (since its essence is the removal of the vital organ). I hope that the oil will continue to improve my health.

    The only thing that still worries me is a slight growth of thyroid compared to its size at the beginning of the disease. Personally, I think this is an undesirable side effect of Thyrozole, as I have been prescribed relatively high doses- 4 times a day, then 3 times and after using 1 bottle of oil I only take 1 pill a day. I continue using the oil despite the doctor’s worries.


    After 5 years…

    Hello my Angels! I have just come back from Ľubochne … The doctor had performed thyroid ultrasound … She said that if she did not see it with her own eyes and did not experience it from the very beginning, from the day when I started to see her, she would never believe that… It has been reduced from the volume above 100 ml to 35 ml !!! She said she might start believing in miracles.

    I know who I should thank to for that miracle! Yet, I can never thank you enough … If it weren’t not for you my thyroid would never be healthy, and neither would I… THANK YOU FROM THE WHOLE HEART!

    Love and respect Maja …

    Please say hello to prof. Turianica for me and thank him on my behalf.

    Mária, 43 r. máj 2012 - 2017
  • Sweating, fatigue and sleep disturbance is over

    … the life of a man with a damaged thyroid gland is sad. My husband had always trouble with sweating, tiredness, snoring and it became impossible to stand it. It was a great deal of suffering for both of us. And yet, I do not have to say that amount of pills have been steadily increasing … from 25 to 75.

    My husband, as he began to use Fortuna Vitae, has done 180 degree turn . He is calm now, he does not sweat, he is vital, he sleeps better, and he feels better.

    Thanks for such a product.

    Andrea, Martin, 36 r. august 2016
  • Organic iodine instead of artificial hormones

    I am very grateful to have found your website. Every month I order this amazing oil which is my elixir of life. Even a doctor is surprised to have good thyroid gland results. I do not want to reveal the secret that I take oil instead of prescription drugs to my doctor. It helps me so I recommend it to anyone with thyroid gland problems.

    I’d rather take organic iodine than artificial hormones.

    Emma, 59 r. august 2016
  • Hyper and thyroid hypofunction

    About 4 years ago I started to feel very weak and I was vomiting … After graduation I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease, first it was hyperfunction, then hypofunction. I started to get myself informed about the treatments and I heard about your oil. I also contacted the professor Turianica who was willing to help. I started using the oil as he advised me. My doctor suggested medicaments that I did not even start taking and all the time I only used oil. I have been going for a checkup regularly. For about a year and a half I have had the hormone values in norm. I feel good and I use oil once a week or once every 2 weeks.

    I’d definitely recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much !!!!

    Vera, 54 let august 2016
  • I exchanged Euthyrox for Fortuna Vitae

    Hello my name is Nikoleta. I live in Bratislava and I want to share my experience with this miraculous oil.

    Less than 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid hypofunction. I used to feel abnormally bad because the hormones really did what they wanted. I do not wish that to happen to anyone. Physicians, of course, started my treatment with Euthyrox hormones, first small doses, then the amount was increasing and I listened to them blindly. I think doctors treat it, as if on an assembly line. When I started to feel the unpleasant effects of hormones I told the doctor and I stopped taking them. In his opinion that was unacceptable. I found out exactly what hypofunction means and I found it to be a lack of iodine in the body. My friend recommended your oil. Although, it is quite expensive, health is priceless. She recommended me to try it and so I did.

    I went to the doctor for a checkup and I admitted I was not taking hormones. I was not surprised by her reaction. She did not want to hear anything about it. I continued to use your oil and went to check with another doctor. And the diagnosis? Treatment is not necessary!!!!

    And all because of my determination and your oil. I would like to thank you for this opportunity and for solving my health issue through natural treatment. I would like to say to everyone who is afraid that he should try natural treatment first before he begins to pour the chemicals called DRUGS into his body. Thank you.

    Nikoleta, 30 r. august 2016
  • Energy, memory improvement

    My husband and I learned about Fortuna Vitae in a random encounter with a neighbor. The word gave a word and we talked about grandchildren and children. Our neighbor began to talk about how “miraculously” his daughter was cured after many years of problems with the thyroid gland (that should have already been removed), and his grandchild and wife also healed thanks to this product. I did not know how old he was but he told me he had been using Fortuna Vitae for years. The guy looked 10 years younger than my husband (yet, he was older than my husband). Please notice that my husband refuses any medication and when he saw the neighbor who had the energy I did not have to convince him to give it a try.

    After several anesthesia I have been having memory problems and stress caused by depression. I can say that we are using a second dose and my husband said that he felt more energetic and I noticed I did not have a problem to remember things anymore. Well, thank you. We trust Fortuna Vitae and we order another dose because I think that in a long term we will see even more improvement to our health.

    We wish many happy and satisfied customers.

    Terezka, 58 r. august 2016
  • Modified thyroid parameters, improved sleep

    I want to share my experience with oil from prof. Turianica. A period full of stress and demanding changes has made me feel tired, depressed, and totally discomforted. I made an appointment with endocrinologist who immediately wanted me take some medications. I have a great respect for medicine, yet I do not think it is right to treat every illness with drugs. I wanted to try something more gentle and especially without side effects. I found out about the oil prof. Turianica and I gave it a try.

    Well, what is my experience? In addition to having a great flavour, it has excellent effects. I used 3 bottles in a row and all went back to normal. In addition to thyroid values, it significantly improves mental well-being, adjusts appetite, improves sleep (its length and quality). Its effects persuaded me and since then I have been spending at least 1 – 2 months of preventive treatment every year.

    I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks a lot.

    Erika, 45 r. júl 2016
  • Fear, anxiety, panic ….. I jumped back to life!

    In short, I will sum up my story to share my experience with Fortuna Vitae.

    It all started in 2013 when my body said enough and it affected my mental health. It was a sudden change. I started to feel anxious. I had the terrible fear of almost everything- going out of the house, staying alone in the house, going to the shopping center, fearing people, etc .. Suddenly, my brain was making an unexplained chemical reactions at any time. The symptoms were terrible- darkness in front of my eyes, strong heartbeat, cold sweat, shaking, hand tingling sensation, hyperventilation and so on. I first went to look for help in classical medicine which only offered the medications for the rest of my life.

    I was looking for another path, a drug-free path. I found it. I discovered the Health Center. I met amazing people who gave me hope and they could help me. Using the One Brain method and Fortuna Vitae oil relaxed my mind. Thanks to the oil the fear was almost gone. I felt a relaxation of mind, balance. After some time I’ve begun to live a normal life again! In this life style I’d recommend using Fortuna Vitae as a prevention and thus to provide the body with the strength to fight stress.

    Thank you very much to Jaro and Majka for taken care of me!

    Lili., 27 r. júl 2016
  • Water weight gain is over

    The first time when someone told me about the pumpkin oil was four years ago when 2 years after my birth my weight started to rise upward from day to day while I was eating the same food, no overeating. I put on the weight even from the water. After my blood test, the doctors found I had decreased thyroid activity. I received medication but my weight was still increasing. A friend told me about this oil she was using. She said she enjoyed it and that it helped her greatly. So I bought it and after a month the weight gain stopped and the next month I started to slowly and naturally lose weight.

    I lost 10 kg a year – no jojo effect. My thyroid function improved and yet, my endocrinologist said that it was useless to buy this product because it’s just a bluff. However, I have tried it and I would recommend it to everyone.

    Mária júl 2016
  • Natural conception – no artificial insemination was required and our desired child has been born :)

    I have problems with the thyroid gland so I was looking for another option to modify the hormone levels and the doctor told me that nothing other than prescription drugs could work. Well, I did not want to stop looking for alternatives as my husband and I had a strong desire to have a baby. After I started taking Fortuna Vitae I did not only feel better (I was calmer, my breathing improved, I was fitter) but I also managed to get pregnant even though the gynecologist had slightly modified my hormones. Now we are beginning to think about the second baby and the doctor told me that it all seems well and I might be able to get pregnant without a hormonal treatment.

    For me and my husband this is the most amazing elixir which makes us not only husband and wife but we can now call ourselves a family.

    We thank everyone who has been involved in the development as well as the distribution of this product.

    Magdaléna, 30 r. júl 2016
  • Thyroid disease

    Even though, I suffered from various thyroid disorders, the pumpkin oil prof. Turianica has already helped me twice. The first problem with the thyroid gland occurred during the first pregnancy when I went to gynecologist for a blood draw and he found a low level of hormone. I immediately began to use the oil prof. Turianica which modified this hormone level and subsequently I continued without any treatment by the endocrinologist. In 2014 I was pregnant for the second time and again with thyroid problems but this time it was autoimmune thyroid inflammation with hormones in the norm.

    After giving birth I started breastfeeding and breastfed my daughter for 14 months during which time hormone levels began to decrease and the endocrinologist no longer hesitated and started treatment with L-Thyroxin 75 (once a day). But again I did not want to let go of pumpkin oil prof. Turianica and I decided not to start treatment with L-Thyroxine at my own risk. Despite the fact that hormones’ level did not increase fast and endocrinologist increased my dose of medication (which I still did not use), the hormone level changed to normal after breast-feeding. After the last checkup (with the ideal blood results) I admitted I did not take the medication but every morning I use the tablespoon of pumpkin oil prof. Turianica.

    I currently have hormones in the norm and I am without any synthetic treatment and any subjective negative feelings associated with thyroid disorder.

    Vladimíra, 36 r. júl 2016
  • Autoimmune thyroid disease and immunodeficiency

    My problems started 4 years ago. Fatigue, exhaustion, coldness, vision impairment, intense pins and needles in the left chest and breasts, sharp, sometimes mild pain in the front of the neck associated with mild swelling. Initially, I attributed the stress and my immunodeficiency that I have been struggling with for years to work. When the pain did not pass, I reached for the help to gynecologist who recommended to visit the breast clinic of the oncology institute. What was my surprise when I learned there that all these problems are diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease and so it was suggested to me to visit an endocrinologist. He told me that this illness is not usually treated, and I’m going to have to come in for a checkup in six months. I did not want to give up trying. Surfing on the internet I discovered the Fortuna Vitae site and read everything about this nutritional product. I also had a look at Mrs Bozenky’s review with the same diagnosis. I have used the advice that this site offers and now I have been looking forward to my results.

    Life happiness in the form of pumpkin oil with Professor Turianica was my luck. I’ve been using it for three years now. My half-year visits to endocrinologists have changed to annual visits and the last blood tests were in the norm. I feel much better. I’m not so exhausted and tired anymore. Also, the results from the immunologist are no longer on the edge and the increased defenses of my organism have caused me not to be always sick. Physically and mentally I feel a significant improvement. And the most importantly, intensive neck and breasts pricking has gradually moved away, as well as swelling, even though I still have some tough days. My dentist was also pleased as she does not have to fill the bits of tooth enamel after the breakage in the last 2 years. So my thanks goes to this pumpkin oil which I will remain faithful to.

    Iveta, 47 r. júl 2016
  • Fortuna Vitae – excellent oil, fine method

    First of all, thank you very much for the excellent oil. My daughter had a reduced production of thyroid activity, though it was only moderate, she was prescribed some hormone pills. As she was only two, I did not want to give her any pills and we tried your oil. She was using the oil for a year and now the thyroid gland results are in the norm.

    I’m very excited and would like to thank you :-). It’s amazing if you can solve this problem with such a gentle method.

    Have a great day and thank you so much again.

    Mária, mamina 2 r. dievčatka apríl 2014
  • Fortuna Vitae oil works !!!

    Hello, fortuna vitae oil works !!! I had a reduced thyroid function, I was taking letrox 50. After a week of use, I felt very bad and started to gain weight. I was trying to find some alternative non-hormonal solution. I discovered Fortuna Vitae oil. After half a year of use, I went to the doctor for a check-up and the results of the s.r.o. I'm absolutely fine !!! I feel great.


    Blanka, 46 r. september 2013
  • Blood pressure and beginning stage of cataracts

    25 August 2012 I was at the Agrokomplex exhibition in Nitra. In one of the pavilions that we passed, I listened to part of the lecture by prof. Turianica on the causes of thyroid disorders with the possibility of treatment with Fortuna Vitae oil.

    I bought the oil. I started using it according to recommendations. About two weeks later I had a strong heartbeat. I ceased to take the oil and after a week or two I began to use it again. It did not recur. I believe it was a reaction to the use of oil.

    I was curious as to how the endocrinology checkup will turn out in mid-November. According to the doctor’s statement, the situation did not get worse. The blood test results were good. I do not use thyroxine for the thyroid gland, I’m not taking any medication for the blood pressure. Yet, the results are good. Moreover, eye control – beginning stage of cataracts – also went well and I do not have to go back for a checkup.


    I recommend oil to everyone who is sick or as a prevention.


    Eva, 65 r. január 2013
  • I won over autoimmune thyroid disease

    About four years ago, I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease along with its reduced function. My son told me about the Fortuna Vitae product that he read about on the internet and that it could completely cure the thyroid gland. I gave it a try and now I am happy I did. Already after the first two bottles I began to feel the positive change. I was trying to lose weight for a long time but it only happened after using your product. My state of health suddenly changed. The doctor, who claimed it to be a lifetime autoimmune disease, was surprised when my condition improved. All the endocrinology values were about half a year of using

    Fortuna Vitae in the norm. It was even more surprising to have a free osteoporosis exam in the department store. Because of my advanced age the doctor was totally surprised as there were no signs of osteoporosis.

    Božena, 70 r. máj 2012
  • What I did to finally get pregnant

    My boyfriend and I have been living together for 8 years. We’ve been trying intensely to get pregnant for two years but it was very difficult. Yet, all the results were negative. As far as a healthy diet is concerned I am a strict vegan, yet, that should not affect my pregnancy.

    Of course, I was looking for a solution and I tried Fortuna Vitae – a pumpkin oil with organically bound iodine which was recommended to me by friends. This product did not contradict my lifestyle or eating habits (as it does not contain any animal ingredients). What happened in less than two months was a miracle!!!

    What I desired more than anything came true. I was pregnant!

    It is impossible to imagine but I was feeling nervous and emotionally down. Now I am a happy mother of a healthy half-year old son.

    Ilona, 27 r. máj 2012

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