Fortuna vitae

Original Pumpkin Oil with Active Organic Iodine by professor Turianica went through the following developments

The original Fortuna Vita product was replaced by Fortuna Vitae – ORIGINÁL prof. Turianica. Apart from Fortuna Vitae, there is no other product by prof. Ing. Ivana Turianica, DrSc. Organically bound iodine in oil is widely protected by the patents of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. Prof. Ing. Ivan Turianica, DrSc. is distancing itself from any formulations that declare the organic form of iodine and thus try to mimic the unique properties of this unique product.

On the front label of each bottle of Fortuna Vitae is now the photo of Prof. Turianica.




FORTUNA VITAE original prof. Turianica - Pumpkin seed oil with active organically bound iodine

1 pcs. - 81.00 €
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2 pcs. - 137.00 €
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3 pcs. - 183.00 €
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4 pcs. - 227.00 €
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5 pcs. - 276.00 €
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6 pcs. - 316.00 €
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